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Friday Favorites 3/1/2019

by Ben Hein

It is a hobby of mine as I read to take some of my favorite quotes and create some fun corresponding graphics to share with others. I hesitate to call it graphic design since I hardly know what I am doing! Every Friday I share some of these quotes and graphics with you. Feel free to share or use of any of them. I wouldn’t mind the shout out if you do.

This week’s quotes come from Gerald Schlabach, Derek Thompson, the Valley of Vision, and Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

What is countercultural in the United States is attempting to stay in relationship with people who don’t share our views.

But our desks were never meant to be our altars. The modern labor force evolved to serve the needs of consumers and capitalists, not to satisfy tens of millions of people seeking transcendence at the office. (Source)

May I scandalize none by my temper and conduct, but recommend and endear Christ to all around, bestow good on every one as circumstances permit, and decline no opportunity of usefulness.

He who is alone with his sin is utterly alone.

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