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Friday Favorites 2/1/2019

by Ben Hein

It is a hobby of mine as I read to take some of my favorite quotes and create some fun corresponding graphics to share with others. I hesitate to call it graphic design since I hardly know what I am doing! Every Friday I share some of these quotes and graphics with you. Feel free to share or use of any of them. I wouldn’t mind the shout out if you do.

This week’s quotes come from Simon Sinek, Jemar Tisby, John Calvin, Yours Truly, and Yoda!

The best way to find out if it will work is to do it. – Simon Sinek

Christianity in America has been tied to the fallacy of white supremacy for hundreds of years. European colonists brought with them ideas of white superiority and paternalism toward darker-skinned people. On this Sandy foundation, they erected a society and a version of religion that could only survive through the subjugation of people of color. Minor repairs by the weekend-warrior racial reconcilers won’t fix a flawed foundation. The church needs the Carpenter from Nazareth to deconstruct the house that racism built and remake it into a house for all nations. – Jemar Tisby

I consider a looseness of words no less of a defect than a looseness of the bowels. – John Calvin

Belonging happens through frequent interactions and persistent care. – Ben Hein

The greatest teacher, failure is. – Yoda

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