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Friday Favorites 2/22/2019

by Ben Hein

It is a hobby of mine as I read to take some of my favorite quotes and create some fun corresponding graphics to share with others. I hesitate to call it graphic design since I hardly know what I am doing! Every Friday I share some of these quotes and graphics with you. Feel free to share or use of any of them. I wouldn’t mind the shout out if you do.

This week’s quotes come from Tim Keller, Natasha Sistrunk Robinson, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and Ashley Hales.

Almost every Christian, if they pay attention, will be able to sense whether a worship experience will be attractive to their non-Christian friends. They may find a particular service wonderfully edifying for them and yet know their nonbelieving neighbors would react negatively, and so they wouldn’t even consider bringing them along. Because this is their expectation, they do nothing about it, and a vicious cycle begins. Pastors see only Christians present, so they lack incentive to make their worship comprehensible to outsiders. But since they fail to make the necessary changes to adapt and contextualize, outsiders never come. The pastors continue to respond to the exclusively Christian audience that gathers, and the cycle continues. Therefore, the best way to get Christians to bring non-Christians to a worship service is to worship as if there are dozens of skeptical onlookers. If we worship as if they are there, eventually they will be. – Tim Keller

Knowing your purpose and walking in it is never a matter of your worth or human qualifications. – Natasha Sistrunk Robinson

If my sinfulness appears to me to be in any way smaller or less detestable in comparison with the sins of others, I am still not recognizing my sinfulness at all. My sin is of necessity the worst, the most grievous, the most reprehensible. Brotherly love will find any number of extenuations for the sins of others; only for my sin is there no apology whatsoever. – Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Hospitality is our embodied worship. – Ashley Hales

We have been bamboozled into thinking the good life is found in choice, autonomy, and busyness rather than inter-dependence, mutual submission and rest! Then we act surprised when we find out we are all struggling with some combination of burn out, loneliness, shame, depression, and anxiety.

We all need to find new ways of being that are counterintuitive to the lies we have believed, and people who will encourage us on a new journey of deep relationships and connectedness. – Ben Hein

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