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Summer is finally here, and it is one that is going to look very different for many of us. With COVID-19 concerns and restrictions still a very present reality for us, how we each figure out our work situation, caring for kids when daycares are closed, and trying to balance our summer fun is going to be a real challenge.

If that weren’t enough for us to try and manage, we also have to come to terms with all of the unique challenges in our society right now. While God’s people are to be those who are united by the love of Christ (John 13:35, 17:23), there are numerous pressures which could cause us to become divided. Differing views on handling COVID-19, racial reconciliation, and politics during a heated election year are all issues our flesh, the world, and the devil would use to divide us.

In light of these unique challenges, I thought it appropriate to recommend some books for us that would help us to grow in loving each other well. Colossians 3:14 exhorts to “Put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony.” Maybe with a few good books in hand, we can each be proactive in training our hearts on how to better love each other during these tumultuous times. Continue Reading

Have you ever thought about how exciting it must’ve been to be an explorer at sea back before the world was fully known to us? Sure, there was danger involved and you never knew if a storm (or the mythical kraken) was going to show up and devour your crew. But on the flip side, you had the excitement of discovering new lands, new peoples, and new resources to advance the flourishing of humankind. If you were to ever lose your way, you could always drop anchor to get your bearings before moving on to the next uncharted territory.

This is often how I feel today in the sea of ideas, opinions, and new perspectives about the world. I love to explore new insights, to try and see the world through other people’s eyes, and attempt to understand how other people think – even if I completely disagree with them. But just like the explorers of the old world, I know that it is possible to lose my way amongst the surge of new thoughts and ideas. There’s even the danger of being swallowed up by a way of thinking that would lead me away from my Christian faith.

It is for this reason that I am so grateful for the great creeds, confessions and catechisms of the church (especially those of my denomination, the Westminster Confession/Catechisms). Continue Reading

The resources listed below are by no means exhaustive. However, I do believe that these are some of the best resources you will be able to get your hands on. The list is broken up by subject. There are both Christian and non-Christian resources listed together. I trust the reader to use their own wisdom and best judgment over what will be helpful for them during this season of life.

If you are going through a season of depression or anxiety, please remember that while books will be helpful your greatest relief will come from a trusted friend, a wise counselor and a competent doctor. Don’t suffer in silence.

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